All Computer Science Full Form

All Computer Science Full Form COMPUTER Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research SATA Serial Advanced Technology Attachment RAM Random Access Memory SMPS Switched-Mode Power Supply CD Compact Disc DVD Digital Versatile Disc CRT Cathode Ray Tube           ROM Read Only Memory CPU Central Processing Unit URL Uniform […]

All Computer Programming Language Full Forms

HTML :- Hyper Text Markup Language AJAX :- Asynchronous JavaScript and XML COBOL :- Common Business Oriented Language PHP :- Hypertext Preprocessor CSS :- Cascading Style Sheets APL :- Automatic Programming Language XHTML :- Extensible Hypertext Markup Language DDL :- Data Definition Language WSDL :- Web Services Definition Language BOPL :- Basic Object Programming Language SAML :- Security Assertion Markup Language DCL :- Data Control Language PCL :- […]

All Information Technology Full Form

All Information Technology Full Form AML Algebraic Modeling Languages ANR Application Not Responding  ADFS     Active Directory Federation Service ADO Active Data Object AITS Administrative Information Technology Services AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML ALGOL   ALGOrithmic Language API Application Programming Interface APK Android Application Package APL Automatic Programming Language ASP Active Server Page ASP […]

All Daily Life Used Full Form

All Daily Life Used Full Form ASAP As Soon As Possible RIP Rest In Peace TVC     Total Variable Costs SFC Special Frontier Force PMI Purchasing Managers’ Index PMI Project Management Institute VVIP Very Very Important Person NRLM National Rural Livelihood Mission CIC Central Information Commission IRDP Integrated Rural Development Program RPM Revolutions Per […]

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